Igniting Inspiration: Fall 2017

This camp is our fifth iteration of our Igniting Inspiration STEM camps. There are four camps offered: Science ExplorationsLEGO Robotics, Create Your Own Adventure, and Space Settler.

  • The first camp, Science Explorations, focuses on current issues regarding the preservation and exploration of the Earth and life it supports. Each day is designed as a mission where the students must complete a set of activities that connects under the overall theme to finish the mission.
  • The second camp, LEGO Robotics dives into the universe of robotic engineering through a series of space missions!
  • The third, Create Your Own Adventure, will teach animation, storytelling, and video game creation to allow students to create their own adventure into the world of programming.
  • The fourth camp, Space Settler, will explore engineering projects in the field of space exploration and settlement.

You can view information about our past camps by clicking the links below:
Fall 2015 | Fall 2016

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