On the first day of the second week, everyone finished up their last minute additions to the prototype robot, just before presentation. Many people had similar ideas, vertical intakes, and arms. However there was one different from the rest, consisting of the forklift design. After presentations we grouped everything up. Options being three different wheels, treads, 10”, and an extra idle wheel. Winning the most votes was 10” wheels. After the wheel decision, we made the vote easier by saying fork or arm? In the end the forklift was deemed our best option. The final thing of the evening was splitting up into our sub-teams.

The next day, each group took their place, of course starting up the Scrum board officially was a task to be done. Electrical set out to begin soldering, Kayli Chun was put to the task of teaching and critiquing soldering skills. While they worked on soldering, they also had to research in order to start the planning of teleop and autonomous, including how many buttons was needed, and what it would do. Along with the configuration of materials already in possession.

While Electrical did all that, Mechanical had done a little of their own planning, and research. They took a field trip, to City Mill to observe a few forklifts to get a better understanding of the kind of machinery they will be working with. They had also begun the ball intake, and the drive train. After much debate, they had also decided on dimensions, and the amount of wheels that would be needed (Wheels were delivered later that week). Along with deciding the spin of the roller intake, and the capture area dimensions. Still in progress was how they would be getting the intake to flip out of the frame to be able to gather a ball.

Business team had decided budget, and updated on the website. They had to get interviews, and comments for the weekly website blog update, and video. Due to ending up ahead of schedule they updated their SCRUM board with Week three objectives. During dinner everyone was restricted on going out on thursday in order for them to get opinions on the team logo. The team standard is almost done, and research for a camera has been in discussion.

During the final day of the week, a few students from the mililani middle school robotics team came over to play the 30 minute simulation game, and experience a bit of everything that happens during FRC build season in high school. Thank you Vivian, for helping us with everything!

This week, one person from each sub-team has been asked the questions: What task have you found the most enjoyable? Along with how do you feel about the first week with your Sub-team?

“I enjoyed planning out the electrical layout. It provided a “real life” scenario in which I had to problem solve in a way I have not before. In school, there is always one correct answer and in engineering there are no wrong answers. I think this week with my sub-team went pretty well. Everyone was on task and the communication is getting better. We all know when we will and will not show up and plan accordingly.”

Bryson Goto, Electrical

“The task that I’ve found the most enjoyable was editing and presenting the video. I liked to go through all of the content and make a video that people can enjoy. I enjoyed presenting the video because I liked to see everyone’s reaction to my edit. So far I am having a lot of fun with my sub-team. I like working with the pictures, videos, and the graphic aspect of the team. I feel like I really fit into this sub-team and I really look forward to coming to robotics and being with my sub-team.”

Dominique Au, Business

“I enjoyed thinking of ways to fix all of the problems that came up during our design process. We encountered so many issues and I thought it was really fun to have group discussions and discuss with my sub-team what we could do to fix the many problem. I feel like the forklift team of mechanical members work really well together and feed off of  each others ideas which really helped to speed up the problem solving. I really enjoy working with my sub-team they’re fun to work with.”

Nicole Brewer, Mechanical