Saturday kicked off the new week, midweek the Sprint Review revealed that the business team had shown the week one and two updates, along with the finished pit design. The Electrical team reported what had happened during the week. Along with the dismantle of the old robot, and completion of brainstorming for autonomous. As well as plan for the wiring bed, and how they still had a lot to do. Mechanical was glad to inform us that the prototype for the intake/retrieval, along with the idea for the forklift pulley system was done.

Electrical immediately began the limit switch, which only allows the robot to carry a maximum of one ball.  There was a lot of planning and mapping for the electrical beds. They ended up mounting the components on the second and third layer. However, they had to redo it thanks to a change in dimensions. A lot of programming was done in order to test the robot’s ability to function properly. They also had the task of finding and configuring the camera which allows the driver to see what the robot sees from the robot’s perspective, along with working with sensors a bit.

Mechanical leads were trying to organize the team’s week to ensure that everyone was on task and doing the correct thing. They had mainly worked on the forklift prototype. The forklifts outline required calculations for the force acting upon the lift, as well as calculations for the air usage for the different tasks the forklift will be up against.

While Electrical and Mechanical were working on that, Business had updated the video and blog, and though they had many tasks a bulk of their focus was on logo designs, and T-shirt designs. The logo has been narrowed down to five. The pit and button materials had been ordered, and the standard first round designs were finally revealed.

One person from each sub-team was asked the two questions:

How was your first half of the robotics build season?

What’s your least favorite task?

“Robotics was much more fun than I had initially anticipated, although I wasn’t expecting to not be able to enjoy myself; it proved itself to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. My least favorable task is the existential reality of which we perceive the world around is nothing but fiction devised by our cognitive function in order to receive stimuli in order to make sense of the lifeless and dark world that resides outside our senses.”

Gavril Ibaan, Business

“My first half of the robotics build season was a rather exciting compared to previous years, mainly because, in a way, the team got involved in this year’s game much sooner with our: physical game planning, concepts, and prototyped models. Personally for me, my least favorite task has to have been typing out this comment, it was a little too difficult finding a least favorite task.”

Alejandro Sánchez, Electrical

“The first half of robotics was at first slow but picked up toward the 3rd week. It started with a lot of planning obviously, but then we started prototyping and putting together our final designs. My least favorite task would have to be doing PO’s and inventory, it was tedious and long. ”

Jay Pang, Mechanical