During week one, the members of the team went to kickoff the 2017 FRC season at McKinley High School to watch the game reveal. This year’s game is Steamworks, a steampunk themed game that includes getting gears to the airship to start the rotors, and getting fuel into the boiler in order to fly the airship. This game is the first one to allow a human player on the field, the pilot, as they are called, are there to pull the gear up, and start the rotors. On the first day, the team separated into pairs to read and analyze the game rules and divide them into sections. We used different organizational techniques like tree maps and scoring matrixes to better understand the game. The next day we began planning the robots for stimulation matches, after having quite a bit of stimulation matches, and brainstorming we agreed we would like to begin designing our robot to be able to load gears onto the airship, and climb up a 4 ft. rope, and hold there. We were soon able to look through the robot rules and make another thinking map for that. That same day, we split up into different groups of around 4-5 people and shared our ideas for how we would hang and take and install gears, The next day we split up into groups of what we wanted to work on, and after about two days came back together to share our end ideas. After voting on our final choices we split into our respective subteams.

The following questions were asked to three club members:

Are you excited about this year’s game design?

What was the blueprint idea you decided to work on?

“I’m excited about this year’s game design because there are a lot of different aspects to this game that makes it unique. There are multiple ways to play this game and I feel everyone will have a different approach to the game. The idea I worked on was a conveyor belt to position the gear to be scored. The gear would be loaded from the retrieval zone and transported to be vertical to be scored on the peg.”

~Bryson Goto, Assistant Project Manager

“I am excited about this year’s game because there are a lot of interesting aspects to the game that could make the 2 minutes and 30 seconds very exciting. The blueprint idea that my group worked on this week was a conveyor belt idea. It was a system that was able to top load the gears and install the airship.”

~Dominique Au, Business

“I’m excited about this game because the game elements are not as complex but still give a challenge.  This year seems to be an interesting game to watch. My idea was a gear retrieval/ input design that would have a funnel to grab a gear from the loading station and rotate down to a position to drive into the peg.  The peg would slot into a hole and allow it to slide up with the lift while not getting stuck.”

~Tyler Yoshioka, Mechanical