The week started off a little different for each sub-team, but one thing in common is that the new members have gotten barely used to everything, and have already been thrown right in, but the returning members and mentors don’t expect them to be experts just yet, and are there to guide them.

Electrical immediately got to work on the drive and winch programs. Even some of the returning members struggled a bit with the programming, but they were able to understand it when they applied themselves. Though the team had struggled with their measurements a little, they were constantly busy with new tasks, and working hard.

In a similar way, mechanical was constantly working, they had done two prototypes, each time they tested making adjustments in order to get the best results. They are currently working on the third prototype, and though they also had a few mishaps during the week, they are able to draw up the plates to send to the water jet, and start planning for their mounting.

Meanwhile, business/graphics have been working on the t-shirt designs, and buttons. While another group from the sub-team were working on interviews and the newsletter. This year’s theme seems to have many constant ideas, but they are struggling to come up with new designs to elaborate on.

The following questions were asked to at least one person from each sub-team:

How was the second week of build season?

What new experience has made the biggest impact on your life?

“Finally getting into the work of my sub-team I was able to get into work I’m knowledgeable in. It was a great experience to finally be able to design again, and feel satisfied with our products.”

~Gavril Ibaan, Business/Graphics

“Over this past week, we have certainly made progress. Most of the ideas are actual designs with numbers now. I have been working on the frame part of the robot, so that everything else has a place to mount to. I am sort of disappointed that our side doesn’t have a cool prototype, like the rope climbing development team. Still, we have a good design, and it has been fun trying to design a drive with 8 wheels, which is new for me.”

~Christopher Kaneshiro, Mechanical

“The designs are getting more and more finalized as we are almost finished with the final designs.  I am mainly working on the rope payload, and we are on schedule.  I was really excited when our prototype was able to lift a 100-pound robot 40 inches up a rope, so we are on the right track.  Right now, we are close to done with the design of the rope payload, so after the practice drive is all finished, we will be able to mount the rope payload onto the frame.”

~Michael Abagon, Mechanical

“This week I have been making sure that the electrical team is staying on task for the good portion of the time. Electrical has been working on camera tracking and has made tremendous progress from not knowing very much to getting the robot to recognize our targets. Other things are getting our drive code finished which also includes our code that controls the winch. The experience that affected me the most would be the camera tracking even though I didn’t work on it directly I enjoy seeing the progress that Tyler B. and Anthony is making.”

~Kaikoa Viveiros, Electrical