The team had its first official sprint review on Tuesday, sprint review is where each sub-team takes time to explain the tasks they have finished throughout the week. This becomes important, and sprint is also a main part of communication between sub-teams.

Business was able to inform them about the t-shirt design, and complete the finals for the general t-shirt, along with the game shirt, revolving around this year’s theme, steamwork, and have sent out the t-shirt order form for the general t-shirts. They then worked on the button designs, along with completing the newsletter.

Though they struggled with dimensions and other measurements, mechanical was able to work on the practice frame and drive, along with making plans for mounting the gear payload. Though they are currently still working in smaller groups on various aspects of the robot, they hope to soon collaborate together on the final robot build.

Meanwhile electrical has been able to get the magnetic encoders to work and also finalize their plans as far as how the electrical board will be mounted, and where the talons will be located. They had to make sure that the drive program was ready for when mechanical gets them the practice robot, including wiring and preparing the electronics.

“I think some members tend to lack confidence in their own abilities despite the fact they are fully capable and have a lot of potential. I’ve learned many life skills including working within time constraints, communicating with others, and finding ways to effectively contribute to a team. ”

~Vanessa Gerber, Business

“In robotics, I have learned a great deal of technical skills. But more importantly, I learned how to work with a great deal of different type of people that I may not always agree with.”

~Orion Sun, PM

I’ve learned that GRIP and image processing is a lot harder than I had initially expected. It has posed a significant challenge and some parts of it are beyond my coding abilities as of right now. However, I am learning and getting better. Hopefully, I can assemble a working code somewhat soon.

~Tyler Birchard, Electrical