This week was filled with quite a few setbacks, but at least with each setback the sub team grew, and each member learned from their mistakes.

Electrical was able to create a way to use the magnetic encoders if they get to use them. Though the encoders ended up being too large to use next to the gearboxes, so the work done on the code cannot be used for autonomous, but at least they learned how to work with and program the magnetic encoders. They were also able to cut the PDP board and wire the electronics together, they mounted the electronics to the electrical board, and were able to make progress on the camera tracking.

Meanwhile, mechanical encountered it’s own setbacks, such as various things needing to be readjusted because they got in the way of each other. They found that they were able to update things as they went along, and get the rope payload, and gear payload. A CAD was also done in order to help with the system integration.

Business/Graphics were able to send out the December-January Newsletter, and complete more button designs. They hope to get the rest of the survey results for the t-shirt orders soon, and have almost completed the back to the game shirt featuring all of the sponsors. You can find the weekly videos on our youtube channel here .

This week, five members were asked the questions:

How have you grown so far throughout the build season?

What achievement do you feel is most self fulfilling?

“I learned how to admit my mistakes. As long as I know what I did wrong, I can do better the next time. I think that being able to do something without someone telling you its wrong does sound pretty good to me. I feel that once I trust myself to do stuff confidently, I can do stuff without doubt. Which means FASTER.”

~Timothy Kaneshiro

“I have learned a lot this year about working in a team. I think that I’ve grown in my teamwork abilities because I have learned that there are things that we have to do even if we don’t want to in order to benefit the team. I’d say my most self-fulfilling accomplishment this year is just being a contributing member of the team.”

~Shadrack Nabea

“Throughout the build season, I feel that I have definitely learned a lot and and gained a lot of experienced these past few weeks. The achievement I feel as the most self fulfilling is getting the drive code and the gyro code working. I am not very skilled in that area but after I worked hard and spent a lot of time working on it, I could see myself becoming familiar with it and all making sense to me.”

~Lina Kang

“So far this build season, I feel as though I have learned a lot more about my team and the responsibilities of FIRST Robotics. We’ve gained two new members in the business team and they have both found their respective niches – Vanessa G. is our entertaining and charismatic video editor and Nolan is our naturally talented journalist. I have also learned just how hard working our returning members are – both Dom and Vanessa N. have to balance build season responsibilities with soccer, as well as a social life, and Gavril is determined enough to vectorize a train design and all of the logos. As far as business responsibilities, I have learned how to make Google surveys and have learned about the requirements for each of the FRC awards. I think we are also growing as a team because we were recently approached with a sponsorship offer – this is a new PR experience for the sub team, as well as an exciting opportunity for the team. It has been incredibly rewarding to spend more time with my business sub team members, but the most fulfilling personal achievement has to be learning to manage not only my responsibilities, but keep track of all the responsibilities of my sub team members. I think my adaption to pressure and time constraints embodies that hard fun aspect of FIRST, because the difficulty leads to a rewarding payoff – getting stuff done and being able to move post its! Also, I’m proud of finding the only box of cheese free taquitos in the entire NEX commissary (you’re welcome Orion). :)”

~Jessica Jones