Today our principal’s children visited the team and were given a tour by members of the team. The mechanical subteam inventoried pneumatic parts and cut the hook and supporter pieces for the 4-bar lift. The electrical subteam documented the new driver station, the smart dashboard, made the wiring diagram for the practice robot, and color coded the wiring diagram. They also worked on getting a layout for the electrical components on the practice bot, tested and revised the component placement, and made a guide to the WPI library. The systems subteam made a cutsheet for the 4-bar lift and the hook. They also told the mechanical team what the dimensions of the standoff pads needed to be.

Today the mechanical subteam milled holes for the gearbox mount and looked for ¼” aluminum plates to buy. The electrical subteam worked on documenting the new drive station, disassembling the old cRIO test bed, and gave the mechanical subteam dimensions for the electrical mounting board.

Today the Trobobots held their second sprint review and sprint retrospective. The mechanical subteam milled the gearbox mount, made a layout for the gearbox mount, and cut pieces for the practice robot. The electrical subteam worked on documenting the new 2015 router configuration tool and implemented all of the documentation from the past stories into the electrical bible. The business subteam got the layout for the monthly newsletter approved.

The mechanical subteam purchased 24’ of 2” by 1” aluminum tubing and 12’ of 4” by 4” aluminum, cut the frame support and mounted the wheel mounts, scrupled the ends of the frame pieces for welding, and cut pieces for the gearbox. The electrical subteam finished the camera two code, tested it, and compared the image quality to the image quality of camera one.

Today the mechanical subteam looked for 2” by 1” aluminum rectangular tubing, cleaned the 4-bar pieces, and looked for wheel mounts. The electrical subteam researched how to use the accelerometer, tested for the accelerometer, tested and updated the camera code, and made wiring diagrams of current electrical components. The systems subteam made the mechanical drawings for the cuts needed and gave them to the mechanical subteam.

The mechanical subteam continued to inventory their materials including gears, sprockets, bearings, collars, and shaft couplings. They also milled holes on the practice robot frame. The electrical subteam color coded the gyro documentation for the eclipse code, worked on the three autonomous plans. The systems subteam worked on determining the gear ratios needed to lift two totes, tested the arms acceleration, and began working on the gearbox design.

Today, the mechanical subteam mounted the battery and weight to the robot frame and cut pieces for the 4-bar lift. They also took inventory of the gears and shafts. The electrical subteam corrected the left tote code, modified the autonomous plan and documented the gyros.