Due to the impending sprint review, we focused on closing down all of our stories. Upon completion, a management meeting was held to review what went well, what could have been improved, and to address any questions to ensure a successful upcoming sprint. Beyond that, we altered the pneumatics on one of our high goal attachments.

After much heated discussion on the ideal method of scoring, the teams were rearranged, leaving four people on the low goal team while the rest of the low goal team joined the high goal team. A meeting was called to organize the new and improved high goal team. The members of the high goal team were re-assigned to two sub-divisions, each dedicated to a different method of picking up the ball. One team engaged in research and development, measuring and cutting PVC to create their prototype of a three-pronged arm. The other team developed a wooden prototype of a “Falling Rake” to scoop up the ball with rolling wheels. Meanwhile, the low goal team designed a collapsible funnel for easy catching and passing.