It was the last day of wet sanding today!!! Every metal part of the robot, with the help of the entire team, has been sanded by hand going through 120, 220, 400, 600 and 1000 grit sand paper and polished. Im sure that everyone won’t be touching another piece of sandpaper for a while. Now it’s a rush to put everything together for testing.

Everyone continues to wet sand the parts of the robot. The electrical subteam tested and fixed issues with the practice bot drive system, tested the new motors for the final robot, and the ultrasonic sensor. Also they continued to test the right autonomous code and repair the practice bot encoders so they could find the voltage needed for each wheel. The mechanical subteam welded the battery support plates and electrical board support angles.

With build season ending, all sub-teams are hurrying to finish up. The electrical sub-team tested the CIM motors and wrote the right tote autonomous test procedure, changed the motors of the robot, and changed the wheels on the robot for a demonstration. The mechanical sub-team wet sanded with a power sander, assembled the gearbox, and replaced the motor on the practice bot. All sub-teams helped to create a presentation for a parent-night demonstration of their robot.

Today, the electrical sub-team tested the robot for the strafing and the middle tote, tested the autonomous left strafe, and tested the operator control drive all in the carpeted chorus room of Mililani High School. The mechanical sub-team continues to wet sand 1 by 1 arms at 1000 grit.