Happy Friday Everyone! Tomorrow is the fifth week of build season and progress on the competition robot continues.The Mechanical subteam cut the bars for the four bar linkage, motor motor and gearbox mounts, and the wood for the tote stabilizer. They also milled the holes in the frame for the encoder wires to go through. Electrical subteam has begun to document the gyro code and soldered the battery terminals. After the code for the new USB camera was finished they connected it to the RoboRIO. There was troubles trying to get the camera server working.

The electrical subteam troubleshooted the optical encoders, tested the strafing of the practice robot, and tested for adjustment for drifting. This took multiple trials with different drift rates. They were able to get the drift rate down to 1 degree of drift per minute. The mechanical subteam found all the parts they could to use for the 4-bar lift, drive, and hook for the final robot. They also cut pieces for the final robot and milled the encoder holes in the frame. Today the systems subteam made the cut-sheets for the inner frame bar, the angled aluminum supporting, the gearbox plate, and two arms.

Today the electrical subteam wired the load sensor on the practice robot to read voltages and amperages on the gearbox motor, attached the WattsUp monitor, and troubleshooted encoders. They also fixed the faulty talon, allowing both motors on gearbox to be powered, tested moving without totes, lifting one tote, two totes, and two totes plus a recycling bin. The electrical subteam also researched the time function for gyro, made a testing procedure for it, and edited the coding for the gyro. The mechanical subteam continued to cut pieces for the robots.

The fabrication of the competition robot continues, the mechanical subteam finished cutting the frame and had begun to clean and take of the burres. They also began to determine what they need to purchase for the completion of the competition robot. The electrical team soldered the new battery and mounted the encoders on the practice robot. They also continue to test the practice robot testing the drive movements, lift mechanism, and the individual wheels

Today also marked the end of our third sprint. During the sprint review, each team presented what they accomplished for the week. Mechanical and Electrical presented the completed and functional practice robot and Business finalized the Newsletter and made the week two and three videos for the blog.

Today Trobobots had their third sprint review to evaluate the progress of each subteam and regroup as an entire team. The electrical subteam mounted and wired the optical encoder and motors, began testing polarities for each of the motors, and tested the lift mechanism of the 4-bar lift on the practice robot, as well as finalized the electrical layout for the competition robot. The mechanical subteam filed the metal pieces for burrs, cut pieces of metal, and started the layout for the final robot frame.

The electrical subteam formatted and proofread the electrical bible, rewired and mounted the electrical components onto the electrical bed, and created the code for the mecanum drive test. The mechanical subteam mounted the hubs onto the 4-bar lift, cut down shafts for the encoder and assembled the drive by putting mecanum with gear boxes onto the robot chassis.

Today, the electrical subteam rewired the board, soldered the terminals for the practice robot, made a roboRIO testbed, and tested the CIM motors. The mechanical subteam had their scrum meeting, milled out the holes on the backboard of the 4-bar and cut out holes for spacers. The business subteam finished writing the content of the first monthly newsletter to be released at the end of this month!