This week the team seemed to face a lot of sub-team challenges, Electrical had a bit of trouble with Designing, and Mechanical had a bit of trouble as well. Funny how Business’ biggest setback was probably their own creativity.

Mechanical was busy fabricating the sides of things, along with helping Electrical with their board planning and mounting. They have had a fun and stressful week attempting to assist Electrical with the layout spacing, and though this week was a lot of trouble, they hope to have a finalized robot design soon.

Electrical has been stressing out over the board, but are glad to report that the draft has been finished, and they are waiting for a few more details before it is finalized. They had trouble with the continuous change in dimensions, they also managed to get some programming done in the week, including the Cheval de Frise, and defenses B and D. They also worked on pneumatic, as well as quiet a bit of coding.

Business had done the weekly updates as usual, the T-shirt design ideas were revealed, as well as a second vote for the standard. The highlight was probably getting the logo design down so now we will be working on one design. However the button designs seem to be impeding design. We hope to make a button for everyone, that would be used as a memento.

One member from each sub-team was asked the two questions:

What skill have you discovered about yourself so far in build season?

How are your projects coming along?

“This build season, I expanded my knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop. I discovered new ways to create things, and Rachel taught me some shortcuts that helped me significantly. I also got to work on my presentation skills by presenting logo designs and a sprint review. Most importantly, I had to learn to stay determined and creative to get the job done! Unfortunately, we weren’t receiving the feedback we wanted on our logo designs, so as a team, we weren’t able to complete them by our original deadline. We had to keep pushing them back, and we still aren’t finished. However, the newsletters, blog posts, and weekly update videos have been pretty successful, thanks to the lovely Vanessa, Dom, and Kailee.”

~Jessica Jones, Business/PR

“This build season, I learned how to harness the power of physics to design the forklift that we are using. I also learned how to use CAD in real world applications, and it has really helped me solve problems that is hard to solve without it. The build season also took my fabrication skills to the next level. Overall, I learned how to work hard and have fun at the same time. The projects are doing ok, but we are still behind. Recently, I have been fabricating pieces for the final frame, and I am also working with electrical to help them place and mount their electrical boards. Right now, the design of the forklift and the intake is still going on with the practice frame, so once that finishes, we will start the final bot.”

~Michael Abagon, Mechanical

“Throughout the build season so far, I expanded my knowledge on programming in C++ and all about the different electrical components on the robot. During this build season, I feel as if I was able to learn more about concepts that were once vague to me in terms of programming or wiring different things I learned about.  All in all, I learned more about the value of responsibility and commitment because every single one of us has a role they have to fulfill. So far, the electrical team has been making progress in our electrical board layouts and setups for the final robot as well as testing for various robot components such as our encoders, intake, and pneumatics; currently we are still making final adjustments to all of these aspects while working hand in hand with our mechanical team.”

~Raena Anne Baetiong, Electrical