This week, everyone finally cracked under the pressure. It seems the lack of sleep finally kicked in, and the tasks given were more like obstacles we had to get through in order to save our souls. It was still a productive week.

Business contact the company willing to produce our banner. Though most of the week was taken up by designing. The concepts for the personal buttons have been finished, and the logo is going along swimmingly. T-shirt designs have been getting edited, and we happen to be two weeks behind schedule.

Electrical and Mechanical seem to be having trouble with the Electrical board, they all wrote down different final dimensions for it. Other than that the Electrical team was able to do cleaning for the Autonomous and Tele-op codes. Due to the miscommunication, they had the electrical components placed differently than how they planned, so they had to remeasure all the wire lengths from scratch. They have been making progress on the 4 electrical boards, as well as soldering and crimping wired.

Mechanical had mounted the gearboxes, and prepared all of the parts for welding by sanding and applying Acetone. They created a process they could use to mount the electrical board, which acted like shelves. They were also able to mount and test the prototype intake with the positioning of the pneumatics. They had trouble with getting the parts, some of the ones that they needed were sold out.

This week each person of choice from the sub-team was asked the questions:

What could you say about robotics so far?

Is your Sub-team on schedule?

This year marks the second year in my robotics career. To me, robotics has been a very fun and exciting experience because it has taught me how to deal with various situations. I have learned how to work under a time constraint, whilst doing other activities such as school work and projects. I like robotics because it makes me feel included, to be a part of something bigger than myself. Our sub-team has been behind for some time, but now we are caught up and moving quickly. We have resolved such impediments, all the while having fun along the way.

~Phoebe McNally, Business/PR

Robotics has been a useful experience that has allowed me to gain skills that are relevant to my future as an engineer such as welding and soldering. Though at times rather stressful, this program has given me the opportunity to work on a large project and learn to cope with difficult time and monetary constraints. My subteam has been swiftly completing our tasks, keeping on schedule as much as possible with the inevitable impediments that we are faced with.

~Kayli Chun, Electrical

Since this is my first year in the program, I started the season with almost no understanding of anything related to engineering. Now that the season is coming to the end, I can say that I have learned quite a bit, and I feel much more confident about going into engineering in college. My subteam has been, unfortunately, behind schedule for most of the season, but is now better on track to finishing on time.

~Rhys Matsumoto, Mechanical