The team seems to be doing fine now, and everything simmered down. So now we seem to have noticed the time, and are trying even harder to race against it. Glad to say it’s all coming along fairly well.

Business has been catching up to their schedule quickly. After the logo was decided, we were also able to send in the order for the standard. Not to mention the general button designing has kicked off, as did the stickers, and banner designing has been able to get more work done.

Meanwhile Electrical and Mechanical were still having trouble with communication, as well as a bit of lack of knowledge. The electrical bed became a problem once again, during the planning they forgot to take into consideration the solenoids for the pneumatics. The communication also created a problem in deadlines. Through it all Electrical was still able to finalize their layers, and begin mounting them to the final robot. Along with creating autonomous coding, and creating the new controller layout for the new driver.

Despite problems with Electrical, Mechanical also needed to fix things such as the wheel guard due to the previous misalignment. Along with that many of the components that they had were colliding with one another. Though they were planning to only test over the weekend, they needed to solve problems with the minimal materials, and tools they had.

This week,  our Project Manager, along with two people from each sub-team were asked the two questions:

How have you contributed so far?

What more do you hope to offer in the last week of build season?

“I helped by checking measurements of their layout and the setup for cutting.   I also did layout and drill work for various parts on the robot.  At one point I helped organize and delegate tasks to the rest of the sub team, however I made an executive decision to resign my spot and start to do work.  For the last three days I hope to help to finish the positioning of the intake pneumatics.  I also want to help fix and repair the robot whenever it seems necessary to do.  Hopefully we will be able to have the robot running in the next few days so that we can practice driving.   That way we can learn the necessary repairs so we can do it easily when it comes time for the competition.”

~Tyler Yoshioka, Mechanical

“By not being lead anymore, it allowed me to focus more on the fabrication of the intake. This coming week, I plan to focus attaching the intake and making sure it runs smoothly.”

~Christopher Kaneshiro, Mechanical

“I had to take over leadership for the mechanical sub-team.  I have not been able to contribute to electrical due to having to manage the mechanicals.  I will encourage the team to finish a robot that we can bag by the end of the build season.”

~Orion Sun, Project Manager

Being in robotics I had learned a lot, I contributed to my sub-team by helping out in the tasks that they assigned to us. I hope to contribute to the team by helping them out in the last three days of the build season.

~Cindy Tsou, Electrical

I mainly worked on programming the functions of the robot like programming the pneumatics of the forklift and the intake and the drive train.  I also worked on the layout of the all the electrical boards so all the electrical components would fit within the robot and it works with mechanical design.  I hope to be able to finish the whole robot and finalize everything now that we are nearing the end of build season and also I hope to be able to work within the pit so that I would be able to contribute during the competition.

~Miko Abagon, Electrical

“As the lead of the business and PR sub-team, I organize the tasks that get done each week. Before the build season started I planned what we would be doing. Some tasks got pushed back but for the most part things that have to get done on a weekly basis got done. I hope to offer sanity support to those in the Mechanical and Electrical team because I know they will be under a lot of stress in the coming days.”

~Rachel Yasunaga, Graphics/PR

“So far I’ve been doing my best at updating these blogs. Though getting comments was sometimes difficult I would be able to finish before the week was done. That lead to me taking up personal button designing, and general button/sticker designing. During this last week of build season, I hope to be able to capture everything that happens, and finish the button designing, while of corse assisting in anything else my sub-team must finish that is more of a pressing matter.”

~Vanessa Nguyen, Graphics/PR