LAST DAY OF BUILD SEASON! As the clock ticked towards the end of build season, the air in the room grew as stress levels rose ever higher. By this point, we could have been deemed as crazy due to all that had yet to be done. The only things you could hear was metal clanging and the occasional comment . Finally the time came for us bag and tag, with that, build season ended. Time to get some sleep.

Due to an unfortunate chain of events, on the second to the last day of build season, the power decides to go out in our main working area. Thankfully we are able to move into another class room with electricity. We had to pack up everything we needed and moved into B-building.

The electrical sub-team focused on color coding electrical parts and wires for wire management and documentation. The mechanical sub-team finished welding and while fitting the pieces together, they discovered that the holes weren’t lining up. Quickly assessing the situation, it was decided that the holes would be made bigger. With bigger holes, the mechanical team set back to fitting pieces together.

Well I guess from the looks of how today went, many are showing signs of sleep derivation doing random things and laughing uncontrollably. But its okay, there’s only two more day until we can get some very well needed sleep. Anyways, for your daily update, some things we did were cutting the wood for the bumpers of the robot after doing some measurements of the frame. The electrical team also finished up electrical board, it should be all ready to go to get bolted on the robots frame.

The aroma of delicious food filled the air as one by one people brought food for open house. The team had finished the open house power point an hour earlier and were currently waiting for all the parents to arrive. When all were present, we began the presentation and informed our parents what we had done.

We gave a overview of FIRST and our program also thanking our adviser and mentors for all the time that they have put in helping the team. Then we presented what each sub-team does and allowed them to come and look at all the things we have built over the last six weeks.

Parents got to ask questions and have an up close look at everything from the polished mirror finish robot frame, retrieval, and shooter to all the electrical parts put together and complexly wired up.