About Team 2853

2013 FRC Team

FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Team 2853 is located at Mililani High School in Hawaii and a branch of our FIRST Robotics program. Our team was founded by Mr. Eric Tong in 2009. The following year Mr. Tyson Kikugawa, an alumni of both FRC Team 831 and Mililani High School, took over and is our current advisor.

We have a six-week build season every year which starts in early January and ends in mid-February. During build season, our team comes up with designs that fulfill the season’s game requirements and objectives. Hours upon hours are spent in Mr. Kikugawa’s class after school and during weekends designing, testing and building the robot. We are organized into four sub teams: mechanical, electrical/programming, systems integration, and business and public relations.

We are comprised of 24 high school students and 12 mentors who range from engineers to alumni of our team. In the future, we hope to expand both our student and mentor membership. Students provide us with the workforce that is essential to completing our tasks and objectives. Mentors teach us their life’s lessons and work experiences. Having these elements makes our team stronger and provides all of our members with the opportunity to learn through the application of skills, let it be designing a robot or teaching and learning from students. Even after being in the program for five years, we still look forward to involvement with FRC in the years to come.

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