Igniting Inspiration: Fall 2016

This camp is our fourth iteration of our Igniting Inspiration STEM camps. There are four camps offered: Science Explorations , LEGO Robotics , Intro to Programming , and Robot Arm .

  • The first camp, Science Explorations, will explore different fields of science such as anatomy, chemistry and Biology.
  • The second, Robotics, involves making a LEGO NXT Mindstorm robot to complete certain missions based on the 2014 FIRST LEGO League game.
  • The third, Intro to Programming, will let kids learn the basics of programming and mathematical logic through Scratch and code.org.
  • The fourth camp, Robot Arm, will feature the OWI Robotic Arm Edge to teach basic motions in robotics and controlling the arm to complete objectives.  This camp has more basic concepts compared to the LEGO Robotics Camp.

You can view information about our past camps by clicking the links below:
Summer 2014 | Fall 2015

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