Igniting Inspiration: Frequently Asked Questions

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$125 for the whole camp.
After submitting an enrollment form , we will email you if your child is registered. If they are successfully registered, we will also include payment information in that email.
Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The enrollment form , when submitted, is timestamped.
If your child is waitlisted, we will contact you in the event that a spot in the camp opens up. You may choose to accept or decline, and we do not require payment until you accept the offered spot. There is no deposit required to be on the waitlist.
Registration opens in September, and can be accessed through the form here .
If your child is waitlisted, you can access the waitlist anytime here: http://mililanirobotics.org/waitlist.html with the username that was emailed to you.
Feel free to email all other questions to [email protected] . We will respond within 24 hours.